QuantiChrom™ Indole Assay Kit
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•  Indole determination in biological samples.

Key Features
•  Fast and sensitive. Use of 100µL sample. Linear detection range from 3 to 100 µM indole in 96-well plate assay.

•  Convenient. The procedure involves adding a single working reagent, and reading the absorbance immediately.

•  OD565nm

•  Bacterial growth medium

•  All

•  Under 5 min

•  100 tests

Detection Limit
•  3 µM 

Shelf Life
•  6 months

More Details
•  INDOLE is the primary product of tryptophan breakdown by tryptophanase. The indole test is commonly performed on bacteria to classify them on their ability to break down tryptophan to indole. BioAssay Systems' indole assay kit is based on a modified version of Ehlrich's and Kovac's reagents, which reacts with indole to produce a colored compound at 565 nm. The intensity of this colored compound is directly proportional to the indole in the sample.

1. Does the assay work with urine samples

The Assay will detect indole in urine samples; however, the reagent also reacts with urobilinogen in the urine. It does not distinguish between the two.

2. Does the assay work with serum samples?

The acidity of the reagent often causes serum samples to precipitate which greatly interferes with the assay.

3. Do I need to read the OD immediately after adding the reagent?

Yes, we recommend you read the OD shortly after adding the reagent to the samples. The OD of the reaction mixture slowly decreases over time. We would recommend reading the OD within 10 minutes of adding the reagent.

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QuantiChrom™ Indole Assay Kit
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