QuantiChrom™ Arginase Inhibitor Screening Kit
Protocol SDS


  • HTS for inhibitor screening and evaluation of arginase inhibitors.

Key Features

  • Safe.Non-radioactive assay.
  • High-throughput. Homogenous “mix-incubate-measure” type assay. Can be readily automated on HTS liquid handling system
  • Rapid and reliable. Can be completed in less than 2 hours and no 37°C heater is needed.


  • OD430nm


  • Arginase


  • All


  • 100 tests

Shelf Life

  • 12 months

More Details

  • ARGINASE (L-arginine ureohydrolase EC is present in mammals and plants. In humans, arginase is expressed predominantly in the liver, and to lesser degrees in breast, kidney, testes, salivary glands, epidermis and erythrocytes. Arginase catalyzes the conversion of arginine to ornithine and urea, important for protection against NH3 toxicity and for cell growth and repair. Excessive arginase activity has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, also contribute to vascular structural problems and neural toxicity. Studies show that arginase inhibitors have been proved to be beneficial in cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring arginase inhibition are highly desirable in Research and Drug Discovery.

    BioAssay Systems arginase inhibitor screening kit provides a sensitive and convenient method to screen for arginase inhibitors. The method utilizes a chromogen that forms a colored complex specifically with urea produced in the arginase reaction. The intensity of the color is directly proportional to the arginase activity in the sample. Percent inhibition of a test compound can be determined by comparing the color intensity of the reaction preincubated with the test compound with the color intensity of an untreated control reaction.

Does the kit come with arginase or control inhibitors?

No, these are not included.

How do I store the kit?

This kit is shipped at room temperature. Store the Arginine Buffer at -20°C, and other components at 2-8°C for long term storage.

What species of arginase was the kit optimized for?

The kit was optimized for Human Arginase I.

What if I am interested in testing inhibition of a species besides human?

We recommend that you experimentally determine the Km and then adjust the volume of substrate so that the final concentration of the substrate in the 250 µL Reaction Volume is near the Km.

What arginase inhibitors were tested using this kit?

ABH ammonium salt.

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QuantiChrom™ Arginase Inhibitor Screening Kit
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