EnzyChrom™ α-Amylase Assay Kit


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For quantitative determination of α-amylase activity.

Key Features
Sensitive and accurate. Linear detection range 0.3 to 50 U/L α-amylase in 96-well plate assay.

Convenient. The procedure involves adding a single working reagent, incubation for 15 min, followed by the detection reagent and a 20-min incubation and reading the optical density at 585 nm.


Blood, saliva, urine, agriculture etc


40 min

100 tests

Detection Limit
0.3 U/L

Shelf Life
6 months

More Details
AMYLASE belongs to the family of glycoside hydrolase enzymes that break down starch into glucose molecules by acting on α-1,4-glycosidic bonds. The α-amylases (EC cleave at random locations on the starch chain, ultimately yielding maltotriose and maltose, glucose and "limit dextrin" from amylose and amylopectin. In mammals, ?-amylase is a major digestive enzyme. Increased enzyme levels in humans are associated with salivary trauma, mumps due to inflammation of the salivary glands, pancreatitis and renal failure. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring amylase activity are very desirable. BioAssay Systems? EnzyChrom™ a-amylase assay method involves two steps: (1). α-amylase in the sample hydrolyzes starch and the product is rapidly converted to glucose by α-glucosidase and hydrogen peroxide by glucose oxidase; (2). hydrogen peroxide concentration is determined with a colorimetric reagent.

11. Does glucose interfere with the assay?

The glucose content of the sample will add a significant background and I would recommend removing it from the sample:

- For samples known to contain glucose, use a membrane filter (e.g.

Microcon YM-10 from Millipore) to remove glucose: load 50 ?L sample in a Microcon YM-10 (10 kDa cutoff) and add 500 ?L Assay Buffer.

- Centrifuge at 14000 rpm for 30 min, check level of sample, ideally the sample level will be less than 50 ?L. Add 500 ?L Assay Buffer and repeat the centrifugation. Measure final sample volume with a pipetman and calculate dilution factor n = final sample volume/50 ?L.

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